Our Team

We are Bit Wise, Bit Funny, Bit Awesome, Bit Naughty... and a Bit of lots more

Jay Purohit

Digital Marketing/SEO Trainee

Think and implement

Abbas Kapasi

Digital Marketing Executive

Mistakes are proof that we are trying.

Rahul Chauhan

Back-end Developer

Perfection over completion.

Bhautik Senjaliya

PHP Developer

Its hard to compile my Attitude.

Ankit Vasoya

PHP Developer

Truth can be found only in code.

Ankit Dave

Unity 3D Developer

I want to change the world if they provide me source code.

Mayank Chauhan

PHP Developer

Being cool.!!!

Kinjal Waghela

Android Developer Trainee

Productivity is more than just the quantity of work done. It is also quality.

Neel Gajjar

Unity Developer

The whole world is in my development scope.